Mid Back Pain Sachse

What causes mid-back-pain?

Mid-back pain can happen because of lower back misalignment, or in some cases, a lower neck misalignment that has helped cause the mid back pain. Remember, the spine works as a unit. In the majority of cases, patients will complain about neck or lower back pain specifically. However, mid back pain is a reality for some patients, and that situation can be addressed using chiropractic treatment.

Another cause of mid back pain is rib injury. The middle of the back (mid-back) attaches to the ribs. If a blunt force affects the ribs, even if the force occurred in the front part of the body, a mid back symptom may be felt because the muscles between the ribs were irritated. These muscles extend from the front part of the ribs to the area that attaches to the spine of the middle back. Sometimes this can occur when the patient has twisted and bent sideways while lifting or pushing something.

How Will Optimum HealthCare Help With Mid-Back Pain?

Our chiropractors at Optimum HealthCare draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience when treating and preventing back pain that can otherwise interfere with nerve transmission, disturb other organ systems, and undermine general health. Our chiropractors also treat tension that can show up as backaches and/or headaches or pains elsewhere in the body.

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